Why APIs are changing the way business works

Written by Tom Croft on Saturday 23 July 2022

What are APIs exactly doing?

In today's digital world, APIs are empowering businesses like never before. By allowing businesses to programmatically access data and functionality from other applications, APIs are enabling new levels of innovation and efficiency.

Why it's a win-win situation for a business and it's customers

For example, consider the case of a travel booking website that wants to offer its users the ability to book hotel rooms directly on the site. In the past, this would have been a very difficult and time-consuming task, as the website would need to develop its own booking system from scratch. However, with the advent of APIs, the website can simply integrate with a third-party booking system via an API. This not only saves the website a lot of time and effort, but also gives its users a far superior experience, as they can now book hotel rooms directly on the site.

What benefits can businesses see from using APIs

In addition to saving time and effort, APIs also allow businesses to tap into new markets and reach new customers. For example, by integrating with a social media platform's API, a business can now add social media sharing functionality to its website or application. This not only makes it easy for the business to reach its existing customer base on social media, but also opens up the possibility of attracting new customers from the social platform.


In short, APIs are empowering businesses by making it easier for them to innovate and reach new markets. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of APIs will only continue to grow.

At PlateToVIN, we utilize API technology to provide our customers with the ability to query our database of millions of records in order to allow for the benefits discussed above.